More than $350B in federal recovery cash starts rolling out to states, cities, counties

Biden stands at a podium delivering remarks in front of a backdrop that reads: American Rescue Plan
President Joe Biden March 23, 2021, at the Arthur James Cancer Hospital and the Richard Solove Research Institute in Columbus, Ohio. (Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz)

The state of Wisconsin is receiving $2,533,160,626 total, which includes $2,033,160,626 based on the number of people unemployed, and the $500,000,000 flat payment given to every state. Counties are each receiving a payment in this plan, ranging from a low of $834,253 for Florence County up to the three counties receiving the largest payments: $183,696,189 for Milwaukee County, $106,189,095 for Dane County and $78,510,723 for Waukesha County.

Municipalities are also receiving funding including: $394,226,649 for Milwaukee, $47,197,155 for Madison, $30,941,771 for West Allis, $23,695,516 for Green Bay, $26,488,543 for Kenosha, $46,246,465 for Racine, $24,663,875 for Wauwatosa. (A total of 21 cities from Wisconsin are listed as receiving federal aid.)

Melanie Conklin contributed to this story, reporting from Wisconsin.