Robin Vos plays with slimy GOP chew toy

Drop it! The election was fair and Trump lost

dog with chew toy
Photo courtesy of David Julseth | Wisconsin Democracy Campaign

When Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos announced on Wednesday that he was hiring three retired police officers and an attorney to look further into allegations of improprieties during the last election, he brought further disgrace upon himself.

He just cannot let go of that slimy GOP chew toy.

“A sizable chunk of people believe the election was illegitimate,” he said. “And democracy cannot flourish if both sides don’t believe in the end both sides had a fair shot.”

The reason “a sizable chunk of people” don’t believe in the results of the Nov. 3 elections is because Donald Trump and his enablers, like Vos, keep fueling the Big Lie.

How many times does Vos have to slobber over this?

Already, he had the Assembly Campaign and Elections Committee, along with the Senate counterpart, run a kangaroo hearing that was by invitation (to rightwingers) only.

Already, the Legislative Audit Bureau is conducting a hearing.

Meanwhile, the Wisconsin State Journal investigated thousands of allegations of voter fraud and found “most, if not all, of the allegations could be chalked up to hearsay or minor administrative errors. ”

Meanwhile, the Wisconsin Elections Commission has affirmed that the election was totally above board, and that only 11 individuals out of 3.3 million voters were referred to prosecutors for voting illegally.

This is not the first time the Speaker has nudged the conspiracy nuts along. In January, he appointed Janel Brandtjen to head the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections, replacing the more moderate Rep. Ron Tusler.

Brandtjen is a believer in the Big Lie. She notoriously sent an email to her constituents after the election that said: “There is no doubt that after the filed affidavits and lawsuit, Donald Trump won this election in Wisconsin and several methods of fraud were used to change the outcome.”

By appointing Brandtjen and by now hiring three cops and a lawyer to keep the conspiracy stories spinning, Vos is not only cozying up to the Trumpites. He’s doing his own part to undermine faith in our democracy.

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