Chris Walker

Chris Walker

Chris Walker is a freelance writer based out of Madison, Wisconsin. Chris has been writing on the internet since he was a teenager, beginning with a website celebrating the Green Bay Packers Super Bowl win in 1997. In college, he shifted his attention to political subjects. After graduating from UW-Milwaukee in 2008, he started his own blog site, Political Heat, which covered the Act 10 protests, the recall elections, and the bills proposed/laws passed during the Walker administration (no relation). Chris has also written for national publications, including Mic, Elite Daily, and Hill Reporter.

Father James Groppi and students from Boniface School join the public school boycott. They're clapping their hands and appear to be chanting.

‘When Hell Freezes Over’ — the life of Father James Groppi

By: - February 24, 2020

Two Wisconsin documentary filmmakers hope to introduce a new generation of political activists to a Milwaukee civil-rights leader from decades ago, who used civil disobedience to protest unfair housing rules. In the late 1960s, Milwaukee’s housing laws were set up in such a way that they allowed outright and overt discrimination toward people of color, […]