John Imes

John Imes

John Imes is Co-founder and Director of the Wisconsin Environmental Initiative (WEI) since 1998. Previously, John was the Environmental Manager for Quad/Graphics, a company long known for its environmental stewardship and social responsibility, garnering a long list of local, state, and national honors. In April 2022, John was elected to a sixth two-year term as Village Trustee and serves as President Pro Tem for the Village of Shorewood Hills and has served as an adviser on many national, state, and local initiatives over the years. John, an MATC and Carroll College graduate, is also a former co-owner of Arbor House, an award-winning model for sustainable tourism located in Madison, Wisconsin.

A beat up, battered US flag hanging on a baseball backstop

Thriving economy, improved environment need well-functioning democracy

By: - May 2, 2022

Democracy in Wisconsin is under attack by autocratic forces. Their victory will spell doom for a more sustainable economy and environment. The threat comes from the continued onslaught of hyper-partisan redistricting, plus restrictions on voting, conspiracy-laden legal actions, and baseless claims of election fraud. If successful, these efforts will lead to one-party rule that ignores […]