Julian Emerson

Julian Emerson

Julian Emerson grew up in the woods of rural Trempealeau County and now lives in the Chippewa Valley. He is the Communications Specialist for Wisconsin Farmers Union.

Jordan Laatz, a UW-Whitewater student who is a member of the university's Native American club, braids white corn cobs together so that the cobs can be hung and dried before being processed and distributed to Oneida Nation tribal members. (Photo by Julian Emerson)

Honoring our food – and those who grow it – this holiday season 

By: - November 24, 2022

For years I had heard from my friends familiar with agriculture in the U.S. about the many benefits of eating food grown locally or regionally, and about the importance of supporting the people growing and raising those products. As I listened to them and learned more about the local food movement, bit by bit what […]