Michael Rosen

Michael Rosen

Michael Rosen is a retired Milwaukee Area Technical College economics instructor. He was president of MATC's faculty union, AFT Local 212, for seventeen years and has published extensively on labor and economics.

FAST Fund Kendrick Latoya

When government and colleges come up short in meeting student needs, faculty unions step up

By: and - December 1, 2021

Where can students turn for help with basic survival needs when their colleges and government programs fail them in a crisis? At a growing number of campuses, students are getting aid from the same people they turn to for classroom help: their professors. Halima is a Somalia-born dental technician student at Milwaukee Area Technical College […]

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Inflation boogeyman scares only the extremely wealthy

By: and - April 27, 2021

The inflation fear-mongers are at it again. In a futile attempt to discredit President Joe Biden’s extraordinarily popular American Rescue Plan (economic recovery) and American Jobs Act (infrastructure) the usual Republican and neo-liberal suspects are once again raising the boogeyman of inflation. Responding to Biden’s proposals, Republican Sens. Ron Johnson, Charles Grassley and John Thune […]

AFT Local 212 strike picket courtesy of Dee and Rosen.

Milwaukee’s 1969 strike offers lessons for rebuilding today’s union movement

By: and - February 10, 2021

On the tenth anniversary of one of the darkest days in Wisconsin history — the introduction and subsequent passage of Act 10 — it’s important to recognize that unions in the past have grown and even triumphed under similar conditions that former-Gov. Scott Walker, Speaker Robin Vos and now-Congressman Scott Fitzgerald and their co-conspirators imposed […]

Briggs & Stratton warehouse (photo by Michael Rosen)

Briggs & Stratton’s demise: greed, mismanagement, blaming others

By: and - September 28, 2020

Just days before filing for bankruptcy in July, Milwaukee’s Briggs & Stratton Corp., at one time the largest producer of small engines in the world and employer to 11,000 union production workers making a solid, middle-class living, handed its top executives $5 million in bonuses, calling them “retention awards.”   In mid-September a federal bankruptcy court […]