Robert Kraig

Robert Kraig

Dr. Robert Kraig is the executive director of Citizen Action of Wisconsin. Robert took the helm in September 2009 at the height of the Great Recession, when Citizen Action was in virtual bankruptcy, and has led a dynamic team of organizers in rebuilding it into one of the leading progressive forces in Wisconsin. (He holds a PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, an M.A. from the University of Georgia and a B.A. from the University of Pittsburgh).

A sculpted badger overlooks a wing of the Wisconsin Capitol building.

Gov. Evers has the power to win state budget victories, starting with BadgerCare expansion

By: - June 29, 2023

For ten years the GOP-dominated Legislature has turned down federal funds for a BadgerCare expansion, blocking access to the program for at least 90,000 people. The fate of BadgerCare expansion could still be different this time, but only if Gov. Evers rapidly evolves his leadership style to build more bargaining leverage, and average people continue […]

Night view of the MLK Jr. Blvd. entrance to the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison with lights shining on the dome

After another state budget failure, we need a Democratic realignment in Wisconsin

By: - September 14, 2021

As the leader of a large-scale grassroots group that urged a full veto of the state budgets in both 2019 and the 2021, you may expect me to rail against Gov. Tony Evers’ decision this summer to sign largely intact the GOP’s latest instrument of fiscal sabotage. This is not that column. Endless hand-wringing over what […]

Girl in a medical mask on the street during the coronavirus epidemic in Russia by Drug Addiction Clinic Vita

Free COVID-19 treatment is a critical missing link

By: - April 1, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic confronts us with a cascading medical emergency that would challenge the greatest leaders. Fatefully, at a moment when hundreds of thousands of lives hang in the balance, the Trump Administration has made the threat exponentially worse. The administration’s catastrophic failures include a delay of at least a month in ramping up testing, […]

"Money Pills" showing cash inside pills

Trump promises kept on Rx reform? More like promises broken   

By: - January 23, 2020

As the Democratic candidates for president sparred in Iowa this week, it was inspiring to hear some bold ideas on a topic where solutions are long overdue: the skyrocketing cost of prescription drugs. While progressives may differ in the specifics, they all clearly recognize that  that voters want real answers and real action on a […]