Ruth Conniff

Ruth Conniff

Ruth Conniff is Editor-in-chief of the Wisconsin Examiner. She formerly served as Editor-in-chief of The Progressive Magazine where she worked for many years from both Madison and Washington, DC. Shortly after Donald Trump took office she moved with her family to Oaxaca, Mexico, and covered U.S./Mexico relations, the migrant caravan, and Mexico’s efforts to grapple with Trump. Conniff is the author of "Milked: How an American Crisis Brought Together Midwestern Dairy Farmers and Mexican Workers" which won the 2022 Studs and Ida Terkel award from The New Press. She is a frequent guest on MSNBC and has appeared on Good Morning America, Democracy Now!, Wisconsin Public Radio, CNN, Fox News and many other radio and television outlets. She has also written for The Nation, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Los Angeles Times, among other publications. She lives in Madison, Wisconsin with her husband and three daughters.

Ron Johnson with his mouth open in a yell

Ron Johnson ‘spearheads’ relaxing regs on hydroxychloroquine

By: - April 10, 2020

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) tweeted on Friday that he is spearheading  a campaign to gather signatures from doctors on a letter urging President Donald Trump to remove Federal Drug Administration restrictions on the drugs hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine limiting their use to “certain hospitalized patients”. The letter, signed by 776 physicians as of Friday, according to […]

A poll worker sits outside of Washington High School wearing a protective mask. (Photo by Isiah Holmes)

Voter suppression in Wisconsin could go nationwide in 2020

By: - April 9, 2020

Forcing Wisconsinites to go to the polls during a pandemic on Tuesday, April 7, was part of a nationwide voter-suppression strategy that could help re-elect Donald Trump. Trump knows this. That’s why he tweeted on Wednesday, April 8: What doesn’t work out well for Republicans is having free and fair elections, where everyone gets […]


Bernie Sanders drops out, a ‘gut punch’ for Wisconsin progressives

By: - April 8, 2020

The news that Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has dropped out of the race to be the Democratic nominee for president, coming the day after Wisconsin’s chaotic primary election, is a “gut punch,” says Mike McCabe, the head of Our Revolution Wisconsin, the grassroots group that grew out of Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign. “The last couple […]

Judge Jill Karofsky (via Jill for Justice)

Jill Karofsky on Wisconsin’s election mess

By: - April 7, 2020

In a video-chat press conference at 4:00 pm on Election Day, Judge Jill Karofsky, candidate for Wisconsin Supreme Court, thanked poll workers and others who are serving the public during the pandemic, and reminded voters that if they get in line by 8:00 pm, “you can stay in that line until you are able to […]

Wisconsin Supreme Court

Supreme Court overturns Evers’ election order

By: - April 6, 2020

The Wisconsin Supreme Court overturned Gov. Tony Evers’ executive order delaying the April 7 election and in-person voting until June 9 in a 4-2 ruling. Conservative justices voted with the majority. (Justice Daniel Kelly, who is on the ballot, recused himself.) That means the polls are once again set to open on Tuesday morning — […]

A sign guides voters on Election Day at 514 Studios on November 6, 2018 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)

Weekend of squabbling but no progress on Wisconsin’s election

By: - April 6, 2020

Fifteen states have changed their election dates to avoid large gatherings of people at the polls during the coronavirus pandemic. Wisconsin is not one of them. In fact, ours is the only state that is rolling ahead with in-person voting this month. As we all watch the slow-motion car wreck that is the April 7 […]

"VOTE" feet making the V letter in red white and blue sneakers by Theresa Thompson

Appeals court upholds absentee ballot extension, but restores signatures

By: - April 3, 2020

On Friday evening, the 7th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Chicago denied emergency appeals by the Republican Party and the Wisconsin Legislature seeking to stop a district court’s order extending the deadline by which absentee ballots may be received in the April 7 election until 4 p.m. on April 13. But while the appeals court […]

Gov. Tony Evers addresses media and the public during a COVID-19 briefing via phone on 03/24/20.

Evers calls for election extension, legislators rebuff him

By: - April 3, 2020

Gov. Tony Evers issued an executive order on Friday, calling a special session of the Legislature on Sat., April 4, 2020 at 4 p.m., to take up legislation allowing an all-mail election, to send a ballot to every registered voter who has not already requested one by May 19, and to extend the time for […]

Judge Jill Karofsky (via Jill for Justice)

Karofsky asks court to stop misleading ads

By: - April 3, 2020

Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Jill Karofsky filed suit in Milwaukee County Circuit Court on Friday, seeking an injunction to stop TV ads the campaign describes as false and defamatory. Karofsky had already sent a cease and desist letter on March 27 to the parties responsible for running the ads: WMC Mobilization Council, Inc. (the political […]

The 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia with Obama on the stage

Democrats move Milwaukee convention date

By: - April 2, 2020

The Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC) announced on Thursday that the 2020 Democratic National Convention — set to take place in Milwaukee — will be postponed from mid-July to the week of August 17. This will  provide convention planners “more time to determine the most appropriate structure for this historic event,” during the coronavirus pandemic.. […]

A sign urging people to vote by mail in Maple Bluff, a few blocks from the governors mansion (photo by Ruth Conniff).

Judge extends absentee voting

By: - April 2, 2020

District Court Judge William Conley issued an order on Thursday afternoon granting in part, and denying in part, the suit by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, the Democratic National Committee and voting-rights groups that he postpone the April 7 election because of the COVID-19 pandemic. While Conley found that he does not have the authority […]

'Respect our vote' Capitol protest motion copy (Creative Commons 2.0)

Federal judge says he can’t move the election

By: - April 2, 2020

U.S. District Judge William Conley lamented the terrible choice elections officials are faced with, as poll workers drop out and municipalities consolidate polling locations to try to allow Wisconsin voters to cast ballots on April 7, even though having more people come to fewer locations, Conley noted, will likely increase the risk of spreading COVID-19. […]