Scott Laeser

Scott Laeser

Scott Laeser leads Clean Wisconsin’s efforts to address agricultural pollution of Wisconsin’s water resources. He works with state and local officials, agricultural groups, and other environmental organizations to advance policies that improve water quality in the state’s rivers, lakes, and streams, and improve access to and prevent pollution of Wisconsin’s drinking water. Clean Wisconsin’s water program advances these goals through legislative work, state agency actions, and public education, and Scott has served on Technical Advisory Committees for important rule-making efforts at the Department of Natural Resources. Outside of Clean Wisconsin, Scott operates an organic produce farm in Southwest Wisconsin, employing many of the agricultural conservation practices he advocates for at Clean Wisconsin.

Menominee River sign reading Clean Water Maters on a cut out fish

Legislative roadblocks force DNR to abandon water pollution protections

By: - November 18, 2021

In early 2019, a drinking water study in rural southwest Wisconsin captured headlines across the state. An alarming 42% of the private wells sampled were contaminated with bacteria or nitrates or both, rendering the water unsafe to drink. The study came on the heels of other concerning well test results in northeast, central and western […]