DOC completes investigation into escape at Columbia Correctional Institution

    Department Of Corrections Secretary Kevin Carr (Photo by Isiah Holmes)
    Department Of Corrections Secretary Kevin Carr (Photo by Isiah Holmes)

    On July 16, the Department of Corrections (DOC) announced that its Office of Internal Affairs had completed 13 personnel investigations involving several staff. The investigations came in the wake of an escape incident in April at Columbia Correctional Institution (CCI) in Portage, Wisconsin.

    As a result of the investigation, seven staff members were terminated, and one was placed on a five-day suspension. One staff member was cleared, while four others resigned as the investigations progressed. A DOC press release notes that six of the eight employees who have been disciplined have the right to appeal the decision through a grievance process with the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission.

    “These are tough decisions that bring pleasure to no one in our agency,” said DOC Secretary Kevin Carr. “But I cannot tolerate job performance that compromises public safety. We take that responsibility very seriously.” On April 16, two people escaped from the prison in the early-morning hours and were later captured in Rockford, Illinois the next day.

    “We want to once more recognize the efforts of the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office, City of Portage Police Department, Rockford Police Department, U.S. Marshall’s Office and FBI in capturing the fugitives,” said Carr. “We are grateful for their hard work and cooperation.”

    The press release highlights that the Office of Internal Affairs for DOC was reinstituted in December 2019. “The office has worked quickly and thoroughly to investigate the escape,” it reads, “conducting 90 interviews and completing the 13 personnel investigations in just a few months. Additionally, the Division of Adult Institutions has conducted an after-action review to examine and address CCI’s procedures and policy related to safety and security.”

    Carr described the “combination of performance failures and long-standing, systemic issues related to security procedures at CCI that pre-date this administration,” which were reflected by the investigations. Although the DOC can’t disclose details of the procedure and policy issues which were identified, it says it’s taking steps to correct the problems.

    Isiah Holmes
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