How to vote absentee in Wisconsin: a PSA with Darth Vader’s younger brother

    Chad Vader and Matt Sloan in an absentee ballot PSA (screen capture)
    Chad Vader and Matt Sloan in an absentee ballot PSA (screen capture)

    For loyal fans of Chad Vader — Darth’s younger and less successful brother — it’s no surprise that the Sith supermarket day-shift manager needs some help filling out his absentee ballot to vote in the November election.

    Screen capture from Chad Vader: Day shift manager by Blame Society Films
    Screen capture from Chad Vader: Day shift manager by Blame Society Films

    After all, he doesn’t know how to manage his staff or ask a woman out on a date.

    For those who do not yet know Chad Vader — the creation of Wisconsin comedians Aaron Yonda and Matt Sloan of Blame Society Films — you can watch four seasons of his hilariously mundane trials and travails as the day-shift manager at Empire Market, a grocery store that appears decidedly similar to the Willy Street Co-op. The fourth season is also on Hulu.

    But a pressing battle for control of the galaxy — or at least the United States presidency — is more important right now.

    And Chad (voiced by Sloan, who landed Darth Vader voice work on video games such as Lego Star Wars because he voiced Vader so well) comes to the rescue of any Wisconsinite feeling uncertain about exactly how to cast their absentee ballot.

    Wearing both his helmet and a face mask over it, he phones Dane County Clerk Scott McDonell (also played by Matt Sloan) to unravel the mystery — only to discover that getting a ballot mailed to you takes just a couple fill-in-the-blanks and ID picture (or ‘id’ as Chad reads it).

    However when asked for a birthday, the will not accept “long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away” for anyone other than Mr. Vader.

    This year Chad Vader does not discuss who he is voting for as he did in a previous informational video showing how to vote with new machines in 2014. With Emperor Palpatine technically not on the ballot, just who Vader wants for president is left up to the viewers to ponder.

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