Ku Klux Klan recruitment flyers distributed in Dane County

    On Monday, Dane County resident Christian Foust came home to find “white supremacist recruitment propaganda thrown at the end of my driveway.” Foust, who lives in southern Dane County, guessed it was “tossed out of a car window” and described it as “straight KKK recruitment.” 

    The flyer included hate speech directed at African-Americans and Jews, racist slurs, cautions against interracial dating, racist imagery and statements including, “The Loyal White Knights Would Like You To Remember…LOVE YOUR OWN RACE…KEEP ARYAN BLOOD PURE.” Complete with a hotline number and website, the flyer stated it was from the “Royal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.” 

    An earlier Wisconsin Examiner report this week highlighted the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hate Map, which cited 15 hate groups in Wisconsin. Nowhere on that list was the KKK.

    Madison365.com Associate Publisher & Editorial Director Robert Chappell checked with law enforcement about the flyers and was told that at least 10 had been discovered in Dane County and were reported to either the Madison Police Department or the Dane County Sheriff’s Office. 

    “Mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio left nearly 30 people dead earlier this month,” Chappell pointed out in his article. “The El Paso shooting appears to have been racially motivated and targeted Latino immigrants and citizens.” 

    In an interview, Chappell says during the four years he’s been at Madison365, a publication focused on communities of color in Madison, he sees some kind of incident of racial hatred a couple times a year, although in the past it has mostly been graffiti. These recruitment flyers are an augmented effort, he says, someone having gone to the effort to put them in plastic baggies, weigh them down with fish tank rocks and throw them in driveways. But he adds, “an overt action such as this” does not mean that anyone can “use it as a foil to dismiss more casual racism because it is not as obvious as recruitment for the KKK.”

    Sheriff Dave Mahoney advises that anyone finding KKK or other hate propaganda should call his department. (608) 284-6800. “We’re going to collect it and we’re going to treat it as an incident that we’re going to follow up on. It makes our community less safe.”


    Melanie Conklin
    Melanie Conklin is proud to be a native of the state of Wisconsin, which gave humankind the typewriter, progressivism and deep-fried cheese curds. Her several decades in journalism include political beats and columns at Isthmus newspaper, the Wisconsin State Journal and other publications. When not an ink-stained wretch, she served time inside state, local and federal government in communications. She is excited to be back at the craft of journalism as Deputy Editor of the Wisconsin Examiner. It’s what she’s loved ever since getting her master’s degree in journalism from the UW-Madison. Her family includes one husband, two kids, four dogs and five (or more) chinchillas.


    1. Sounds like some nut with a printer… No Way would there be a KKK office anywhere near MADISON.. the liberals would be on them like ants to a picnic! Stop making a big fuss out of nothing. The nut case was looking for attention and to brag to his nutty buddies, and the press gave the nut the acclaim!

    2. With the amount of hate that’s spread online, this is very possible. Having lived in the South much of my life, I found it’s very hard to identify who is a racist just by their appearance. It’s only when they speak (Very fine people on both sides) that the hate spews out and then not for a period of time.

      The only way to combat hate is to expose those who spread it by publicizing their name and personal information. Quite a few of the white nationalists at the Charlottesville rally faced job loss, ridicule, and even imprisonment for their part.


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