Milwaukee County supervisor calls for $1 million to help Lincoln Hills youth re-enter the community

    Lincoln Hills, a detention facility the state has ordered closed by 2021. (Photo courtesy of the Wisconsin Department of Corrections)

    The Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors adopted a budget amendment from Supv. Sequanna Taylor on Monday, calling for $1 million in programming geared towards youth who are transitioning out of the Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake juvenile detention facilities.

    “It is important that youth who are transitioning out of Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake schools, as well as their family members, are able to access resources set aside for those youth who are in the justice system,” Taylor said.  “We are often reactive, but it is time for us to be proactive with programs and services that are offered to our youth and their families.”

    The programs would focus on education, emotional and psychological support, vocational services, job placement, apprenticeships, job certification programs and other avenues to help the youth re-enter the community.

    Taylor’s amendment creates no additional cost for taxpayers or the county. County Executive David Crowley’s budget had already directed $1 million to youth services from savings resulting from the ongoing transition of youth away from Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake.

    Those funds were purposed for competency building, youth engagement and community capacity building. Taylor’s amendment makes the funds also available for youth transitioning out of the facilities, and not just youth who are still in the justice system.

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    Isiah Holmes
    Isiah Holmes is a journalist and videographer, and a lifelong resident of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Holmes' video work dates back to his high school days at Wauwatosa East High, when he made a documentary about the local police department. Since then, his writing has been featured in Urban Milwaukee, Isthmus, Milwaukee Stories, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Services, Pontiac Tribune, and other outlets.