Minocqua Brewing raises a pint to Tony Evers

    Minocqua Brewing Company's newest beer: Evers Ale
    Minocqua Brewing Company's newest beer: Evers Ale

    Minocqua Brewing Company head Kirk Bangstad thinks Gov. Tony Evers deserves a beer. So he went ahead and brewed one. 

    Evers Pale Ale is heading to retailers to be officially released the week of June 14, but Bangstad shared the story behind the beer on Tuesday with newsletter subscribers. 

    “We’ve got a new beer, and man are we proud of it/him,” he wrote in an email to supporters. “Introducing “Evers Ale—Made With Science and a Steady Hand. This Pale Ale is for our Governor, who, like the rest of us, has had a tough year. Not only did he have to protect us from Covid, he also had to keep our economy afloat…all while the Republican Majority legislature did everything they could to stop him. Evers pressed on, knowing he had to land his ship safely in spite of the wicked political storm that surrounded him.”

    Minocqua Brewing Company's newest beer: Evers Ale
    Minocqua Brewing Company’s newest beer: Evers Ale

    This is not Minocqua Brewing’s first shot at politics. The company donates a percent of its profits to a Super PAC it created to stake out a  progressive presence in Wisconsin’s Northwoods. It has a brew for President Joe Biden, VP Kamala Harris, Sen. Bernie Sanders and a Fair Maps Wisconsin brew raising money to support nonpartisan redistricting. And in its newsletter and on social media, the company has frequently criticized Rep. Tom Tiffany and Sen. Ron Johnson.

    The email announcing the Evers pale ale is not short — it features a long story of what happened in the fight between Evers and legislative Republicans and the latter’s efforts to undermine Evers’ public health measures. 

    Bangstad and crew got into the smallest of details on the logo — which also comes on t-shirts, stickers and more — with Evers’ hands on a steering wheel labeled “Badger Bounce Back Plan” for the name Evers gave his budget plan designed to bring Wisconsin back from the pandemic.

    “The red background,” Bangstad explained, “signifies both the UW colors, but also the sea of Republican obstruction he had to overcome in order to keep us safe.”

    There’s no word on whether a rival brewer will put out a Speaker Robin Vos pilsner.

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    Melanie Conklin
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