logo of Wisconsin campaign for immigrant driver's licenses

Pro-Immigrant policies strengthen local, state economies  

BY: - August 30, 2019

A new report from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities finds that local governments can take  four key steps to better integrate immigrants and strengthen local economies and communities. “Giving all residents access to economic opportunity would enable them to earn higher wages, spend more at businesses, and contribute more in taxes that are […]

One dead In Illinois from vaping lung damage, 16 cases in Wisconsin

BY: - August 28, 2019

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) is currently aware of 16 cases of people being hospitalized with lung damage, possibly related to vaping, with another 15 cases still under investigation. In Illinois, the first death possibly associated with vaping was reported last week. The number of possible vaping-related cases of lung damage in Illinois […]

picture of a truck on a bumpy WI highway

Wisconsin scores poorly on roads, but keeps down fatalities

BY: - August 28, 2019

The lousy condition of Wisconsin roads is old news. Crumbling infrastructure has been a problem for some time in Wisconsin. Last fall, as rural areas went from pavement back to gravel roads, the issue played a big role in the governor’s race, helping Gov. Tony Evers beat then-Gov. Scott Walker with his campaign cry, “Fix […]

Legislature to honor first responders

BY: - August 26, 2019

Rep. Scott Krug (R-Nekoosa) gave the Republican Radio Address, posted Friday, announcing a new honor that the legislature will be awarding first responders. Citing first responders heroic actions on 9-11, and other tragedies where these public servants are in the spotlight, Krug called for stories about “law enforcers, EMTs and firefighters all over our great […]

Environmental groups sue over Endangered Species Act

BY: - August 23, 2019

Seven environmental groups including the Sierra Club, Center for Biological Diversity, WildEarth Guardians, and the Natural Resources Defense Council have united behind a lawsuit against the Trump Administration. Filed by Earth Justice on the collective’s behalf, the lawsuit accuses the president’s new regulations of weakening the Endangered Species Act (ESA). “In general, the endangered species […]

Planned Parenthood reassures Wisconsin women

BY: - August 23, 2019

Planned Parenthood Federation of America announced earlier this week that it will withdraw from the federal Title X family-planning program rather than comply with what it labeled the Trump administration’s “unethical and dangerous gag rule.” This move, however, does not take these federal family planning funds away from Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin. That’s only because […]

Democrats continue push for gun-safety measures

BY: - August 23, 2019

This week’s Democratic Radio address is yet another sign that despite being rebuffed and ignored by GOP lawmakers, Wisconsin’s Democratic legislators are continuing their calls for popular gun safety laws. Over the past two weeks, in the wake of devastating back-to-back mass shootings in Texas and Ohio, they have repeatedly called for change. Some national […]

Neighbors shocked by Michael’s closure

BY: - August 22, 2019

The news that Michael’s Frozen Custard on Monroe Street in Madison will be closing after the owner’s husband was barred from returning to the United States stunned neighborhood residents. “That’s just been a gathering place for our neighborhood forever,” said Andrea Gunn, a high-school science teacher and mother of three who lives a few blocks […]

DNR warns “incidental loss” of threatened reptile species

BY: - August 21, 2019

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has issued a notice that a La Crosse County bridge project may cause the “incidental taking” of two threatened reptile species. The wood turtle (Glyptemys insculpta) and the eastern massasauga rattlesnake (Sistrurus catenatus) both have populations near the bridge project. According to a DNR press release, an “incidental taking” […]

Wisconsin death toll

BY: - August 19, 2019

Life expectancy is falling in Wisconsin, as it is nationwide, a new report published on Monday found, and death rates are rising — especially for Wisconsin’s black residents. The United States has not seen a national life expectancy downturn for more than a century, the report notes. The last time life expectancy dropped was between1915 […]

Environmental coalition takes on Trump coal push

BY: - August 16, 2019

Clean Wisconsin is joining nine other environmental groups to challenge the Trump Administration’s Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) rule. A lawsuit filed by the collective argues the president’s policy “unlawfully sidesteps the Clean Air Act by relaxing emission standards.” The court action, filed Tuesday in the U.S. District Court, comes as 22 Democratic-led states sue the […]

Ku Klux Klan recruitment flyers distributed in Dane County

BY: - August 15, 2019

On Monday, Dane County resident Christian Foust came home to find “white supremacist recruitment propaganda thrown at the end of my driveway.” Foust, who lives in southern Dane County, guessed it was “tossed out of a car window” and described it as “straight KKK recruitment.”  The flyer included hate speech directed at African-Americans and Jews, […]