PSC extends moratorium on utility shutoffs again

    Power lines (photo from Creative Commons CC BY 2.0

    With COVID-19 cases continuing to spike, the Public Service Commission is continuing the agency’s ban on utility shutoffs, this time until Nov. 1.

    Commissioners voted 2-1 on Thursday to extend the moratorium on disconnecting utility customers for nonpayment. The agency also is urging customers behind on their bills to arrange payment plans with utilities or to apply for energy assistance through the Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP).

    Applications can be made online at or by phone at 1-866-HEATWIS. Information on how to apply in person can be found at

    The state’s annual cold-weather moratorium on shutting off heat begins Nov. 1 and will run through April 15, 2021.

    The PSC’s pandemic disconnection moratorium began March 24 and has since been extended twice before.

    Erik Gunn
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