Scott Walker v. Eric Holder

    Eric Holder (By United States Department of Justice, public domain)
    Eric Holder (By United States Department of Justice, public domain)

    On Monday, former Gov. Scott Walker instigated a Twitter brawl with former Attorney General Eric Holder.

    Holder, AG under President Barack Obama from 2009 to 2015, is now fighting against gerrymandering with the National Democratic Redistricting Committee and was active in forcing Walker to call special elections using the courts when the former governor refused to do so in early 2018. 


    On Monday Walker tweeted: “Former Obama AG @EricHolder has been raising millions of dollars to spend on local legislative and judicial races. They want to throw out old maps in many states and gerrymander Democrats into long-term control of the House. Republicans need to wake up before it’s too late.”

    Former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

    Walker then returned to Twitter attacks on Bernie Sanders. But Holder hit back with this reply

    “This is laughable and you’re a hypocrite. Under the maps you and your colleagues put in place in Wisconsin Democrats won 54% of the Congressional vote and got only 38% of the seats in 2018. Scottie, you’re the father of Wisconsin gerrymandering. You fear a fair system – I don’t.”

    And Holder wasn’t finished:

    “Here’s a dare for you; a question to answer Governor Walker. I favor taking the redistricting process out of the hands of interested politicians and let an independent commission draw the lines in 2021.  A fair, neutral process. Will you support that? (Of course not)”

    As of Tuesday at 10 pm, Walker had not responded to Holder’s challenge, returning instead to attacks on Joe Biden, with intermittent Bible verses, attacks on socialism and promotional selfies.


    Melanie Conklin
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