Jay Heck

Election committee members schooled during latest non-public hearing

BY: - April 1, 2021

The Assembly continued its partisan “investigation” into the 2020 presidential elections with a third invite-only hearing before the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections on Wednesday.  While Democrats and voting access advocacy groups have labeled past hearings a “sham,” the answers from the sole invited guest were in marked contrast to the first two hearings […]

Wisconsin Fair Maps Coalition by Tony Webster CC BY 2.0 A yard sign in Mellen, Wisconsin reads: "This Time Wisconsin Deserves Fair Maps," paid for by the Fair Elections Project, FairMapsWI.com. The political sign supports redistricting legislation to reform gerrymandering.

GOP candidate admits to gerrymandering, challenges Dems to draw fair maps

BY: - September 11, 2020

Former state Sen. Dan Kapanke, who is running as a Republican in western Wisconsin to retake the seat he lost to former Sen. Jennifer Shilling, laid out a surprising challenge to Democrats this week.  He admitted during the talk radio show La Crosse Talk PM on station WIZM that the current maps are gerrymandered and […]

Wisconsin State Capitol

Democracy in Wisconsin: Back to the Future

BY: - August 12, 2019

When I became the director of Common Cause in Wisconsin in 1996, this state was still very much one of the bright lights in the nation when it came to honest, transparent, accountable state government and politics.   There was bipartisan consensus here that the amount of special interest money in elections was growing and that […]